quinta do javali

Oenologist : José Antonio Mendes

Quinta do Javali is a small family business handed down from generation to generation and recoverd in 2000 by a young talented winemaker: José Antonio Mendes.

Dynamic and passionate, this young producer is focusing its production on a constant quest for quality and respect of ancestral methods : lagares winemaking barrels (granite) and treading, without neglecting new technologies.

A simple example of this quality research with its LBV 2003: hesitating between classify it as vintage (classification reserved for exceptional years) or a Late Bottled Vintage, José Antonio chose to make a beautiful LBV, vintage, rather than an average Vintage, for our great delight ...!

The 17 acres of the Quinta are composed of the main traditional grape varieties: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão and Touriga Nacional, able to withstand wide variations in temperature (5 ° C to 45 ° C).
The vineyards are on terraces schist, at an altitude of 150 to 300 m. With a planting density of 3.500 vines per hectare, the vineyard produces between 25 and 30 hectoliters per hectare.

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quinta dos lobatos 2012

Price 10,20 €



Reserva 2006

Price 17,00 €

Unlike the 2004 vintage, the year 2006 was characterized by a certain fruity exuberance, giving immediate pleasure.
However, the wine will improve over 3-4 years and will dure at least 6 years.

Reserva 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010

Price 17,00 €



quinta do javali 2005

Price  28,00 €

Formerly known as Grande Escolha, this wine less powerful, is more balanced and fruity than 2004 and already provides a lot of fun but as of today, however, offers a potential of 8-10 years.

old vines 2008

Price  28,00 € - 75 cl
Price 60,00 € - Magnum



old vines 2009 - 2010 - 2011

Price  28,00 €
Price 62,00 € - Magnum 2011



classico 2005 magnum

Price  62,00 €



Tinto Cão 2004

Price  44,00 €

Exceptional wine produced on the single vine Tinto Cão. This native vine is very old and very sensitive that hardly reaches maturity. It is generally used in very small proportions in blends with other grape varieties.
Powerful wine with a very complex and well balancedstructure. It gives us a nice aromatic intensity of black fruit (blackberry and blackcurrant) and spices.
Still difficult to access, this wine will ask to be waiting a few years. Its potential should be 20-25 years.



Price 7,40 €

Soft, fruity and long, offering excellent quality.


special reserve ruby

Price 10,10 €



L.B.V 2008 - 2009

Price 14,00 €



Tawny 10 Years

Price 22,00 €

Typical of a beautiful 10 year old. With an aroma of praline, orange peel and toasted marshmallow. Balanced and simple.


Tawny 20 Years

Price 50,00 €



Tawny 30 Years

Price 84,00 €



Vintage 2004

Price 28,50 €

Very opaque and offering a pronounced floral aroma with a slight hint of pomegranate, he opens his mouth in a gentle and agreeable way, with blackberry flavors. Nice finish with a hint of chocolate and good length. The tannins are much softer than expected. Decant before service, this vintage will be better with a several years in cellar (8-12 years).

Vintage 2012

Price 55,00 €





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