Oenologist : Rui José Xavier Soares

The vineyard is located in Valdigem, in the sub-region of Baixo Corgo and includes vineyards ranging from 30 years to 80 years of age. It is located in upper terraces exposed to the West.

Wine production in the family goes back to the grandfather who planted the majority of the vineyard. This is the vineyard itself that gave the taste of the wine to the producer.

For many years, the quinta has sold his grapes for port wine and produced just enough wine for personal consumption.

In 2002, after an experience accumulated in the well known Real Companhia Velha, he decided to produce and commercialize wine DOC Douro.

Since then, their objective is the production of high quality wines: "We believe that the old vineyards have a potential that should not be ignored and must be recognized."

The age of vines is high: between 30 and 80 years with a high density planting and production between 0.5 and 1 kg of grapes by vine.

The grapes are selected in the vineyard, handpicked in 20 kg boxes and transported to the cellar where the sorting is done on a carpet.

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mimo branco 2008

First white wine, made from an old vineyard blending traditional varieties: Gouveio, Fernão Pires and Siria.

It was fermented in stainless steel tanks and about 30% of the mixture was matured for 6 months in oak barrels.

This is not a very fragrant wine, but it is fresh, full of flavor and an average power in the mouth.

esmero 2008








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